Here We Go

After some deliberation I’ve finally decided to start a blog.

For a while, I’ve had the desire to write about ideas in a format with more depth than Twitter allows. The inspiration for precisely what I’ll write about has evaded me, though. It still does. I wonder, do I have anything to say worth my investment in time setting up this website? That remains to be seen.

Truthfully though, even if I don’t find a niche for my blog, I had a lot of fun researching and executing on the technical details that gave rise to it. That’s likely foreshadowing to a possible theme of my writing – technology. I am a bona fide techie.

At least for now, though, I envision using this space fluidly. Not constrained to any particular topic. Major life updates, evolving opinions, interesting travels, etc. All in the interest of, if nothing else, than to look back in fifty years and have a deeper appreciation for what I’ve done and where I’ve been.

Shout out to Sanders Lauture for his blog. I recall reading his posts regularly a couple years ago and thinking “this is neat!” Having enjoyed your blog encourages me to start my own. Thanks, Sanders!

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