Stay Cool. Stay Foolish.

Houston’s Spring Creek Greenway, situated between I-45 and US-59 just north of Intercontinental (IAH) Airport.

Today, after putting another day of separating airplanes in the books, two friends and I set off on a bike ride. Bri, Katie, and I have grown fond of Houston’s Spring Creek Greenway. Snaking below the canopy of trees at the Creek’s edge lies a well maintained, sixteen mile long bike path. The value of the shade provided along the route cannot be overstated when the 105ยบ Texas sun shines high above. This place truly is a godsend for those seeking outdoor activity in Houston during July and August.

A 15 minute drive north from work, the three of us clipped into our pedals and set off from Jesse H. Jones Park (#5 on the map). Proceeding northwest from there, we rode casually, smiling as we passed others enjoying their outdoor reprieve from COVID quarantine. With five or so miles behind us, we stopped for the obligatory H2O and Clif bar break. We were quickly reminded what a difference the breeze, albeit hot, has on keeping one cool while riding along.

Hopping back on the saddle, I remembered that I had to get in touch with the auto collision shop repairing my car 1. I embarked on what turned out to be an hour’s long back and forth between my insurance and the shop regarding my deductible. It’s always something with insurance, am I right?

In the meantime, we carried on past mile ten, where we hopped off our bikes after coming upon an empty playground. Flashing smiles among the three of us, eventually one of us asked “Should we swing!?” Indeed.

Of course, my phone fiasco was still without resolution, so I kept it nearby while we let the inner child out of each of us, swinging merrily to and fro.

A few minutes into the fun, Katie burst into a laugh. Bri and I glanced over, wondering what had caused it. Katie remarked, “We are playing on a child’s swing in spandex while Brodey is saying ‘Sure, I’ll hold the line’ to his insurance adjuster.” It was quite the humorous juxtaposition of circumstances, put that way.

On the ride back, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight an onlooker would’ve had of three twenty-somethings swinging like schoolchildren in fully appointed cycling outfits. It’s silly moments with great friends like this that we remember forever.

“Do silly things. Foolishness is a great deal more vital and healthy than our straining and striving after a meaningful life.”

Anton Chekhov

P.S. My insurance and the body shop figured it out! I just might be back in my own vehicle tomorrow.

1 I was hit by an uninsured driver in a parking lot about a month ago. It was a low speed incident and no one was hurt, thankfully. A story I’ve detailed here.

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